Naples, 23-25 November 2015

The Fourth Italian Workshop on Landslides will take place in Naples on November, 23-25, jointly organised by the Seconda Università di Napoli and the Università di Napoli Federico II. As in the previous editions, the workshop will involve renowned international experts.

The main session will deal with the Interaction Between Landslides and Man Made Works. Both slow slope movements and rapid landslides will be considered. Also this year, a special session will deal with the intriguing relationship between hydrology and soil mechanics. The title of such session is Precipitation-Induced Landslides: Long-Term Predisposing Factors and Short-Term Triggers. Finally, a session called Landslide Research: Modern Topics and Procedures, reserved to and self-organised by young scientists (Ph.D. students and/or scientists who earned their Ph.D. since less than three years), will conclude the event. As usual, during all the session, large room will be dedicated to lively open discussions.

All the presented contributions, also including those that will be presented during the open discussions, will be collected and published in a thematic issue of an indexed open access journal. To such aim, scientists interested in participating in the discussions are invited to submit an abstract (click here for more details). 

Once again, the registration fees will be very cheap in order to allow as many guys as possible to attend the event and possibly lively contribute to the scientific sessions. Therefore, we cordially invite all people that are interested in landslide problems to come and participate in the meeting.

On 26 November 2015 the short course:

Landslide Processes and Land Management Effects

by Roy C. Sidle

will be offered free of charge to all the registered participants (click here for more information).


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